Verontruste ANWB leden

Critical ANWB members

The ANWB is the Dutch club for tourism, traffic and transport, and is the sisterclub of the American AAA, the British AA, the German ADAC and many others.

The ANWB participates in many governmental committees. Among the several international tourist and automobile clubs, the Dutch ANWB is possibly the most environmental-friendly: she often tries to diminish the environmental damage which is caused by traffic and tourism.

However we think that it is not enough, regarding the problems mankind is facing. The green house effect causes a global warming on the long term, and will damage fertile and densily populated areas in the world, and locally the Waddenzee and the Bieschbosch. International tourism comes with unnatural usage of enormous quantities of water, damage to shores and animal populations caused by building to close to the beaches. The tourism is the fastest growing segment in the air traffic, causing a double digit growth on airfields and related noise and dirty gasses.

A local Dutch problem is the dense car traffic through the country. The highways have a wonderful quality, but there are so many cars that the traffic gets stuck every day. Traffic jams occur daily. The public transport system has a good quality compared with other countries, but it is very full, especially with commuters. The airport is so popular that several enlargements are being planned, including alternatives in the Northsea. (We are famous for conquering water, but an man-made island is new for us. Who can guarantee that there will be no damage to the shorelines by a changed current in the sea?)

Recently the Dutch minister for traffic has proposed a plan for the traffic, consisting of:

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